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Why should I bother advertising to seniors?  After all, they don’t have any money, do they?  And even if they did, how would I promote my business to them?
By Rick Priolo

Today’s seniors aren’t the same as yesterday’s seniors.  Seniors of today are living longer, and have the money, the desire, and the ability to fully enjoy life.  Did you know that Americans that are 50 and over control 70% of all US wealth.  And did you know that they own more homes than any other age group and account for 50% of discretionary spending.  In other words, they are the ones with disposable incomes to buy what they want, when they want, and have the time to go where they want, when they want!

Now that you have decided that perhaps it would be a wise investment to develop a marketing plan that is designed to reach the senior population, what is the next step?  The simple answer is to utilize target marketing to reach them.  Pick and choose your source of advertising carefully.  Running TV or radio commercials in areas that don’t have a large senior population isn’t target marketing.  The same with placing expensive ads in newspapers that are read by mostly people that are under 50 isn’t a wise investment.

This leaves specialty publications that target specified demographics.  But be sure to pick a publication that reaches the senior population.  There are many throughout the nation, and most reach different segments of the senior population.  Be sure to utilize easy to read eye-catching ads when you start your marketing campaign. 

Rick Priolo is the publisher of Today’s Senior Magazine at  He can be contacted at  Today’s Senior Magazine is the most read senior publication in the areas of their distribution.