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Advertising That Works Since 2004

Niche Marketing + Magazine Popularity + Bull's Eye Distribution = Successful Advertising
This is the popular monthly magazine for seniors with a cute puppy on the cover
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TODAY'S SENIORS are the wealthiest consumer on the planet, and have over $1.6 trillion in spending power and net worth that's nearly twice the U.S. average. Seniors have more disposable income than other age groups.
The path to success is seniors, and the best path to seniors is Today's Senior Magazine!
While other media goes in only one direction, we use the SPLASH method, which is more effective because it goes in many directions, giving our advertisers maximum exposure and results.
Today's Senior Magazine
Today's Senior Magazine
Today's Senior Magazine started with its first California publication in November of 2004. Since then we have expanded to other areas throughout the United States. We credit our success to understanding the field of marketing to senior citizens and giving them access to local and national products and services that align with the needs of those 50 and over. We publish the most read and talked about senior magazines in our areas of distribution!

We publish a magazine that is different from other senior citizen publications. We print on easy to read newsprint, making it a perfect magazine for seniors. Printing this way also allows us to save costs, consequently charging our advertisers much less. This makes it possible for seniors to get important, relevant information in their area. Our targeted senior marketing distribution delivers to senior centers, gaming locations, retirement and assisted living homes, restaurants, and other businesses with a large senior population or customers. Our unique process and our dedication to delivering magazines for senior citizens that truly speak to the needs and wants of their lives makes us one of the best senior magazine franchises around.

We are always staying ahead of the information we know our customers need. That's why Today's Senior Magazine continues to be the go-to magazine for seniors across the country. We will continue to expand, providing our readers with information that matters to them. 

Why Do We Continue To Bring Our Magazine To More Seniors, Both Locally & Nationally?

"Being 83 years old and confined to bed, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to reading your magazine.

I have traveled the world, "been there, done that" and I miss being out there. Your magazine gives me a glimpse of what is still going on in our beautiful world. My compliments to each and every one of your writers.

Your ads show us "life does still go on". Bye and thanks for brightening my day." 
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