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Today’s Senior Magazine
·For 50+ adults
·For children of seniors
·For all ages that enjoy the important articles of interest

Today’s Senior Magazine is distributed in senior centers, retirement communities, gaming locations, and to businesses in areas with a large senior population.

Facts about Americans age 50 and over

1. CONTROL 70% of all wealth in the United States.
2. BRING IN $2 TRILLION in annual income.
3. HAVE MORE DISPOSABLE income than any other
   age group accounting for 50% of all discretionary
4. OWN MORE HOMES than any other age group.
5. LOST WITHOUT their computers (84%) and cell
   phones (34%).
6. “50 IS THE NEW 30” quips Oprah Winfrey.
7. PURCHASE 41% of all new cars.
8. SPEND 74% MORE ON VACATIONS than any other
    age group.
9. 16 MILLION EXERCISE at least three times a week.
10. ENJOY GAMBLING and are willing to travel to play.

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