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Business owners, marketing and advertising executives, and people in business management have been asking the same questions about advertising throughout the generations.  Two of the more important questions are when to advertise, and the other is for how long should we advertise.

Most people think that the best time to advertise is when business is down and think of advertising as a way to generate instant new business.  Others think the answer is to advertise when business is up so that they never have a downtrend.  The answer is that you should advertise your business product or service all the time, during the good and bad times.  The reason is that advertising all the time helps to ensure you don’t have spikes in business and to ensure you don’t find yourself in a situation that business is bad and in desperation you are spending large amounts on advertising trying to stabilize your business.  After all, the advertising experts say a marketing/advertising campaign takes three to four times, no matter what the media used, to start to take effect.  If you find yourself in a situation that business has gotten real bad, you may not have four months to turn it around.  Plus, when businesses become desperate, they tend to spend monies on every kind of advertising they can find, even though many types of advertising may be a waste of money by not generating new business.  

If you advertise all the time, you have time to research the different types of media to advertise with, plus normally the longer you commit to advertise, the better the deals offered by advertising media.  Take your time to get all the information you can about the media (print, television, radio, billboards, etc.) that offers advertising, then decide on the ones that meet your budget and will give you the most bang for the buck.  Be sure to track the results of each advertising campaign to ensure it is working.

By advertising all the time you can help ensure your bottom line stays consistent.  Even when times are good you should continue to run those ads!

Rick Priolo is the publisher of Today’s Senior Magazine at