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Today's Senior Magazine was started in October 2004 and our first edition was our California November 2004 edition.  Starting with our November 2007 Edition, we starting a second edition, the Texas Edition.  We are now expanding into other communities throughout the United States and Canada.

Our 400,000 plus readers find that Today's Senior Magazine provides them with important and informative information and products and services of interest. Adding to the success of Today's Senior Magazine is our extensive target-marketing distribution to senior centers, gaming locations, retirement homes, assisted living locations, restaurants, and other businesses in areas with a large senior population.

Today's Senior Magazine, with its unique format, is successful because it is different.  Printed on newsprint, rather than expensive glossy paper, makes for an easy-to-read, easy-to-carry magazine that our readers appreciate.  This also allows us to charge our advertisers less, thus giving more companies the opportunity to get their important message to our thousands of readers.  This helps give our readers more exposure to the specials and important products and services our advertisers are offering.  We also place all ads on our top ranked web site, and link them back to the advertiser’s site, which helps to improve their rankings.

Important and informative information, eye-catching easy-to-read ads, and target-marketing distribution have made Today's Senior Magazine the magazine it is today, the most read senior publication in our total area of distribution. Today's Senior Magazine is today's magazine for today's and tomorrow's senior.

Today's Senior Magazine has become the most read, talked about, and trusted senior publication in our areas of distribution.  It is truly the Senior Resource Guide of choice by our thousands of readers.

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